Projects Developed and in the Pipeline

Projects Developed

Transition towards Peace & Development

  • Development Programme for Displaced, Repatriated and Refugees in Central America (PRODERE)
  • Sustainable and Human Development Program in Central America (PROGRESS)
  • Development Program for Afghan Refugee -Affected and Hosting Areas (Pakistan)
  • Development Program for Conflict Areas in Colombia

Alternative Development

  • Alternative Development Program for Poppy Crop and Drug Demand Reduction in Afghanistan
  • Agro-industrial Diversification of Los Yungas de la Paz in Bolivia

Regional and Sectoral Decentralization

  • Decentralization and planning of the Agricultural Sector in Colombia 
  • Regional Decentralization in Morocco
  • Regional Decentralization and Local Economic Development in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia 

Small Business and Finance Development

  • Small Enterprise and Human Development  Program (SEHD)  in South Africa
  • Small Enterprise and Human Development  Program (SEHD)  in Angola
  • Small Enterprise Development in the Gulf of Uraba (Colombia)


  • Development of the Fishing Industry in the Gulf of Uraba (Colombia) and Cabinda (Angola)
  • Transformation of the Sugar Cane industry in Paramonga (Peru)

Local Economic and Financial Development

  • Establishment of 20 Local Economic Development Agencies (LEDAS) in seven countries of Central America plus a financial facility
  • Establishment of 4 Local Economic Development Agencies (LEDAS) in four provinces in South Africa plus a financial facility
  • Establishment of 4 local Economic Development Agencies (LEDAS) in Angola plus a financial facility

Social and Environmental Policy and Program

  • Mainstreaming social and environmental approaches into the development agenda of the oil industry in Venezuela

World Trade Development

  • Mainstreaming trade into the development agendas of the Least Developed Countries (LDCs)

Projects in the Pipeline

  • Exploring employment and business potentials in the townships
  • Coaching women in businesses
  • Mainstreaming the New Growth Path Framework into delivery actions and results