Our Firm


INAFCON is an International Consultancy, Research and Capacity Building Organisation based in Cape Town, South Africa. The creation of INAFCON is a result of its founder’s belief in the country’s capability and potential to peacefully overcome the legacy of the apartheid system using both indigenous and international knowledge and experience in a cost-effective and efficient way.


To become one of the leading consultancies in South Africa aimed at contributing to the consolidation of the successful transition of the country towards a multiracial, democratic and open market society following core principles of peace, freedom justice and social equity.


To assist national and local governments as well as other development partners in the provision of affordable services and products in benefit of the small business and entrepreneurial sector and previously disadvantage population with entrepreneurial potential.

Strategic Focus

Our main focus unfolds into two dimensions: on the one hand, to help the national, provincial and local governments implement in practice their development strategies and policies to accelerate economic growth, create employment and reduce social and spatial inequalities; and on the other hand, to empower people, communities, organisations and enterprises to take control and advantage of their development conditions, environment and opportunities in order to creatively interact with the state, market and society. 


INAFCON’s guiding principles are: Integrity (honest and ethical performance), transparency (compliancy with best practices), accountability (report fairly and accurately), efficiency (obtaining maximal outputs with minimal resources) and effectiveness (alignment with development goals and objectives).